Everything You Need to Know About IOS6

During Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, Tim Cook made the announcement we have all been waiting for concerning iOS6, its release date, and the features we can expect to come with it.

So, now that we know that iOS 6 is coming soon what can we really expect from it?   Will it change the way we use the iPhone forever? Probably not, but with the new updates, you will gain a lot of the functionality out of the iPhone that we have been demanding for some time now.  Here is everything you need to know about iOS6:


Apple’s Siri voice assistant got 5 new sources of information to draw from including:

  • Yelp
  • OpenTable
  • IMDB
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Fandango

While the new information sources are pretty cool, the more significant update in my opinion is that it will now be available on the iPad.


Twitter has been apart of iOS since version 5.0, and a lot of you have been wanting Facebook to also be included.  Now you will be able to not only post directly to Facebook but upload photos, and integration into Apple’s Siri and Calendar apps.

FaceTime Over 3g

This feature has been in high demand for sometime, however due to lacking infrastructure it has been unavailable.  While the quality over 3G will be much lower than when connected to WiFi, you will be able to use FaceTime anywhere so long as you have your trusty 3G connection.

New Features for Your Phone

In previous versions of iOS you had 2 different choices when you received a call, now we gain three new options including:

  • Reply with a message – allows you to send a message from a pre-determined list rather than having to pick up a call to tell someone you are busy, or in a meeting.
  • Remind later – which allows you to get an alert at a later point to remind you to call back a missed call.
  • ‘Do Not Disturb’ – this isn’t so much an option that you have access to when you call, but something that you arrange before hand.  It allows you to turn off all calls, and messages, however you can mark contacts as important and allow them to ‘disturb’ you.

iCloud integration for Safari

Upon the release of iOS 6 you will be able to synchronize your browsers tabs and offline reading list across multiple machines.

New Maps App

Out of all the new features coming in iOS6, this is probably the one I’m most excited about.  Apple has dropped Google maps, and is now using TomTom Navigation, and is bring a arsenal of new features including:

  • Vector Maps
  • 3D Vector views
  • 3D Satellite views
  • Turn-by-Turn navigation
  • Siri Integration
  • Traffic Integration.


If you all are anything like me you probably cannot wait for this fall to come around, so you can get your hands on iOS6 and its brand new arsenal of new features, but until then we will have to wait.