Nivo Slider Touch Navigation Enhancement

July 11, 2012

The Nivo Slider is one of the best free sliders on the market, and I have used it on several of my past projects including a blog I did called Airing It Out (This site is no longer operational).  The Nivo Slider however lacks some very important features such as touch capability on mobile devices and lazy loading.  So today I thought I’d share a script I found that can be added to the Nivo Slider in order to give it that touch capability that we all love.

Thats it folks!


It has come to my attention that this no longer works for some of the newer versions of jQuery.  It does however work if you use jQuery 1.7.0 and no higher than 1.8.2.

4 Responses to “Nivo Slider Touch Navigation Enhancement”

  1. HD

    applied this code but strangely enough it makes the slider more intuitive but no swipe ability,

  2. HD

    Hi there,
    Great script!
    Applied this code and it makes the slider more intuitive and fixed some bugs (THUMBS UP) but no swipe ability. Not sure why that is.

  3. Dan

    Adds a blue border around the whole page, and also adds a div which contains the word Loading at the bottom

  4. Vern


    Looks good so far on my testing server. Will have to load to live server and try on my phone!

    Thanks in anticipation

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