Shopify Related Products By Tag v2

August 7, 2015

An updated version of my Shopify Related Products snippet which takes advantage of some of the functionality used in my equal grid item height snippet.  This snippet should grab items with matching tags, and output them, and once it’s done, set their containers to be equal height.

Shopify Featured Products

March 19, 2015

A quick snippet which allows you to show Shopify featured products using tags.  Adding a tag called “Featured” will allow for any product to be displayed.  Want to pick a different tag?  Remove “Featured” from line 13 of my snippet and you can replace it with a tag name of your choosing! Shopify Featured Products Snippet

Shopify Related Products

March 13, 2015

For whatever reason, I had trouble using the related products code from an example on Shopify’s site, so I decided to write my own.  Add the code below to any of your product details pages and you should be good to go." class="pull-left">

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