Freelance Dashboard – Project Management CRM

March 2, 2015

Today I want to talk about the Freelance Dashboard Project Management CRM.  No doubt many of you have used a CRM at some point to help you manage your projects, but many of them have been costly or poorly built.  Personally, I’ve used Basecamp when working with some other agencies and I’ve never really liked […]

Why Use WordPress

July 31, 2014

WordPress began in 2003 as a blogging platform, and has since become the most used content management system (CMS) in the world.  It is now used by colleges, small businesses, and even fortune 500 companies. This is due to the simplicity and versatility of this open source platform.  To help you better understand the many benefits […]

4 Remarkable WordPress Plugins To Add Value To Your Non-Profit

January 18, 2014

WordPress has come a long way from the blogging platform that it started out as, and now that it is being run on over 70 million websites there is a market for cheap plugins that can be sold any number of times.  This has made many features that would traditionally be a major investment affordable, […]

Exciting New Uses For CSS3 Transitions And Animations

May 15, 2013

With the introduction of CSS3 we gain a great deal of opportunity to many things that were considered to be impossible without a considerable amount of javascript/jquery. Now, while we still have to use them for somethings, we can handle most of this CSS transitions.

10 Creative One Page Websites

July 23, 2012

Often times there are cases where an individual or company simply do not have enough content to justify having a multi-page website. So instead of building a site that will make it more difficult to get the information needed, someone came up with the idea to build single page websites. Sometimes these sites are little more than v-cards, and other times they behave more like a page within a page.

10 Amazing CSS3 Tutorials Involving Animation

July 19, 2012

Adding animation is a great way to get people interested in your site, and with the introduction of CSS3 its easier than ever. CSS3 gives us much more control over everything on our site, and in many cases allow us to avoid using jQuery and javascript which may slow down our site. So today I thought I would share some tutorials I’ve come across that would traditional use jQuery animation, but instead have been done using CSS3’s transition effects." class="pull-left">

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