Not Having A Mobile Site Will Soon Hurt Page Ranks

April 14, 2015

For many companies, having a mobile friendly site has not really ben a priority up to date.  In fact many agencies are still offering non-responsive sites as a service, but starting on April 21, 2015 not having that responsive or mobile site will actually hurt your rankings.

Why Would This Hurt My Rankings?

Google is preparing to release a new search algorithm which will be factoring in things like mobile optimization.  This isn’t anything new from Google, after all they released something similar in 2013, but this newest algorithm will place a much heavier penalties on sites that are not mobile friendly, while rewarding sites that are.  These sites will now be labeled as mobile friendly, and place higher than their competitors.

How Would This Help Me

All of this means that if you and your local competitor have been competing for the rank one spot, and you have a responsive site, and your competitor doesn’t, it could be enough to push you up into that rank one position you’ve been desiring.  This can mean anything from more sales if you are a eCommerce site or more page views or impressions if you are a blog. Users inherently know that sites that rank high are more likely to have what they are looking for, as well as appear to be more reputable than someone who might be on page 10.


Responsive sites are the way of the future and are not going away anytime soon, and where Google leads, other search engines are soon to follow.  I would highly recommend that anyone who doesn’t have a responsive, or at the very least mobile site get one soon." class="pull-left">

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