ZoomShowcase – A jQuery Banner Rotator

June 21, 2012

There are a lot of different image sliders out there, some better than others.  I personally prefer the RoyalSlider for bigger slideshows and the Nivo Slider for smaller ones.  This however is a much less traditional slider, and would be better described as a showcase.  It displays up to three images at once, however more can be hidden in the background like a traditional slider to be displayed upon its transition.


  • Cycle through multiple images
  • Set the zoom out percentage and total banner width
  • Adjust the animation speed and easing type
  • Adjust the opacity of the side items
  • Choose auto-play and auto-play delay
  • Randomize the slide order automatically
  • Create as many text slogans per slide as you want
  • Text is optional, along with text position and color
  • Link an entire slide or just a text item
  • Added touch swipe for mobile
  • Added multiple instances

Drawbacks And Requirements

In many cases, image sliders load all of their images at once, which drastically increases load time, and this slider is no exception. Should you still decide to make use of this jQuery plugin make sure not to overload it with images.  That being said the ZoomShowcase also requires that you have a minimum of four image slides for it to work properly.


The ZoomShowcase is an elegant jQuery plugin and can be purchased for only $4 on Code Canyon’s website.  While it does have some issues that require you to limit your number of images or face a longer load time, it is still a great purchase.

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